Yes, I do commissions.  If you are interested in having your favorite picture or scene captured as one of my paintings please contact me. Perhaps you are interested in a landscape but are just not seeing the colors you want in my inventory.  Or you would like a portrait done of a friend or family member.  Below is some simple pricing, but all prices are negotiable based on your specific needs.   All commissions require a 50% deposit of the agreed upon final fee.  This deposit is non refundable.  However I will work on sketches and concepts until you are fully satisfied.   I will email you progress photos every step of the way.  Balance is due when the piece is completed to your liking.  Please note that pricing does not include frame.  I would be happy to help you select a frame that works for your piece!

Watercolor, Pastel,or Graphite on paper:

5″ x 7″   $100

7″ x 11″  $200

11″ x 14″  $300

16″ x 20″ $500

18″ x 24″ $600


Oil or Acrylic on canvas or panel:

5″ x 7″   $200

7″ x 11″   $300

11″ x 14″  $500

16″ x  20″ $650

18″ x 24″  $800


Acrylic Impressionistic Landscapes

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, 19805 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield, WI 53045
Thursdays, July 17 – August 7, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Discover how to capture color and light the way the impressionists did. Discuss historical examples of impressionism, analyzing the techniques of artists such as Monet and Pissaro. Students will work from photos and life to create their own impressionist style paintings. This class is perfect for beginners or painters who want to challenge their current working methods.
Cost: $95 ($90 for donors) Register by phone: 262-373-5023


Abstract Pastels

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, 19805 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield, WI 53045
Tuesdays, July 22 – August 12, 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Learn the media of pastels while expressing yourself through abstraction. We will discuss techniques such as blending and layering. Historical examples of abstract painting and drawing, along with a lecture on composition and formal issues, will help students to understand the process of abstract painting.

Cost: $105 ($100 for donors) Register by phone: 262-373-5023

Chromascape172 Golden Beams

Landscape Painting in Watercolor

Milwaukee Recreation, Gaenslen School, 1250 E Burleigh St Milwaukee, WI 53212

Mondays, July 14-28, 6-8pm

This class will focus on painting landscapes with watercolor. Working from photographs, students will study the elements of a landscape and how watercolor painting technique can be used to recreate a scene. We will be focusing on how to achieve things in a landscape like depth, atmosphere, and feeling. We will discuss techniques and compositions that help create a successful landscape.
Cost: $26 Residents/ $39 Non-Residents Register by Phone: 414.475.8811

Chromascape 149 Pink and Purple Shore

Mixed Media Pastels

Cedarburg Cultural Center W62 N546 Washington Avenue Cedarburg, WI 53012

Wednesdays, July 9-30, 6-8pm

Pastels are one of the most versatile mediums. In this class we will take pastel drawing to the next level. Intricate under paintings, experimental techniques, layering, and more will be covered. Learn to combine pastels with watercolor, pencil, acrylics, oils, and more! Beginners as well as experience artists are welcome.

Cost: $63 CCC Member/ $79 Non-Member Register by phone: 262-375-3676 


Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal Drawing
Milwaukee Recreation, Gaenslen School, 1250 E Burleigh St Milwaukee, WI 53212
Mondays, June 23- July 7, -8pm

Charcoal is a unique and powerful tool. It creates deep rich darks and easily describes value and form. Artists use it to create quick gestures and sketches as well as polished detailed drawings. Charcoal can be used in many different and often expressive ways. In this class we will study drawing with a focus on charcoal and how it’s different uses. Beginners welcome.
Cost: $24 Residents/ $36 Non-Residents Register by Phone: 414.475.8811

October Afternoon

Painting Outdoors

Experience the exhilaration of painting outdoors! Painting from life offers you the great benefit of observing the nuances of nature. In this class we will focus on acrylic paints and we will work outdoors, weather permitting. You will be able to observe directly the way colors change with the position of the sun. The basics of acrylic painting will be covered along with some useful tips about working from life and painting landscape.  Beginners are welcome!

  • Thursdays, July 17-Aug 10, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Alverno, 3400 S. 43rd Street Milwaukee, WI 53234
  • $82
  •  Register by phone 414.382.6000 or online.
Chromascape162 Blues of Forest

Colorist Landscape

Take the colorist approach to landscape painting, using contrasts of color rather than value to describe objects. Use a bright palette to create acrylic paintings that express your unique creative voice.

  • Friday & Saturday, July 11-12, 9am-4pm
  • Peninsula School of Art, 3900 County Rd. F, Fish Creek, WI 54212
  • Class ID # PDi416
  • $225 Member/ $250 Non-Member Register by phone 920-868-3455 or online.

Mini Paintings

These are a few of the many mini paintings I have been working on over the past few months.  I love the quick changes of color I can make on a smallscale.  Usually I keep a stack of small panels next to my easel.  When I have leftover paint on my palette from another painting I am working on, I apply some of it to one of my small panels.  As these colors build up I start making more thoughtful decisions about which panels need which colors.  It is not long before an idea of final touches emerges.  Many of the mini paintings become color models for larger works.  However I do not think of them as merely studies.  I enjoy them as small works for themselves.