Mixed Media Painting

Cedarburg Cultural Center

W62 N546 Washington Ave. Cedarburg


Wednesdays, Mar. 1- April 5, 6-8pm

With a focus on media, students will start with a theme, image, or idea and create mixed media paintings. Subject matter will be open to students for creating unique and personalized works. We will learn and practice techniques for combining acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pencils, paper, and more to achieve desired effects. Touching on design and composition also, this class will delve into the heart of art making. Class critiques will provide feedback and direction. Open to all levels of experience.

Register through the CCC: 262-375-3676


Colorful Pastels

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts

19805 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield


Mondays, May 1-22, 6-8pm

Learn how to accentuate vibrant colors, interesting contracts, and expressive palette in pastel. This class is all about color and how to manipulate it to create a strong piece of art. Inspired by artists such as Wolf Kahn and Claude Monet, develop your own personal style for describing the beauty and color.

Includes 4 sessions, supplies not included

Register through the Wilson Center: 262-373-5023


Thoughts on Process


I recently taught a class, “Painting by Process” at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. The purpose of the class was to take students step by step through planning and execution. Often my students ask me in such classes, “Do you really work this way?” The truth is no, but I should. The class involves composition studies and value studies on the first day. The second day we do a study focusing on color. The last two sessions are spent executing a larger final painting. Each day also involves journaling with prompt questions. While this is not the only way to work- it is a beneficial one. Not all people are planners. I know I am not (at least when it comes to painting). Many painters are spontaneous and in the moment and I think that is important too. But at least once and a while it is important to slow down and plan. Even if it does not result in a masterpiece. The process will force you to think more critically about your art and that habit will carry over even when not intentionally utilized.