145 Something Familiar

Mixed Media Watercolor

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, 19805 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield, WI

Tuesdays, April 7-28, 6-8pm

This class introduces or builds on understandings of mixing, application, and watercolor painting techniques. In addition to utilizing watercolor paint as a media, students will experiment with pastels, pencils, ink, and other media to create rich layers and textures.

Cost: $80 Register by phone: 262-373-5023 or online


Painting from Nature

Cedarburg Cultural Center W62 N546 Washington Avenue, Cedarburg, WI

Thursdays, March 5-26, 6-8pm

Nature is one of the most inspiring subjects for artists. In this class we will start with the basics of acrylic painting. Then, using nature as our guide, we will explore how the patterns, textures, and colors can be translated and expressed with brush, canvas, and paint. 

Cost: $79 Register by phone: 262-375-3676 or online


Abstract Pastels

Alverno College, 3400 South 43rd Street, Milwaukee, WI

Wednesdays, February 18- March 11, 6:30- 8;30pm

Learn the media of pastels while expressing yourself through abstraction. Starting with the basics, we will discuss techniques for using pastels such as blending and layering. Then we will move on to subject by covering the realm of abstraction. Historical examples of abstract painting and drawing, along with a lecture on composition and formal issues, will help students to understand the decision making process of abstract painting. This class is perfect for beginners!

Cost: $82 Register by phone: 414-382-6087 or online


Yes, I do commissions.  If you are interested in having your favorite picture or scene captured as one of my paintings please contact me. Perhaps you are interested in a landscape but are just not seeing the colors you want in my inventory.  Or you would like a portrait done of a friend or family member.  Below is some simple pricing, but all prices are negotiable based on your specific needs.   All commissions require a 50% deposit of the agreed upon final fee.  This deposit is non refundable.  However I will work on sketches and concepts until you are fully satisfied.   I will email you progress photos every step of the way.  Balance is due when the piece is completed to your liking.  Please note that pricing does not include frame.  I would be happy to help you select a frame that works for your piece!

Watercolor, Pastel,or Graphite on paper:

5″ x 7″   $100

7″ x 11″  $200

11″ x 14″  $300

16″ x 20″ $500

18″ x 24″ $600


Oil or Acrylic on canvas or panel:

5″ x 7″   $200

7″ x 11″   $300

11″ x 14″  $500

16″ x  20″ $650

18″ x 24″  $800


Mini Paintings

These are a few of the many mini paintings I have been working on over the past few months.  I love the quick changes of color I can make on a smallscale.  Usually I keep a stack of small panels next to my easel.  When I have leftover paint on my palette from another painting I am working on, I apply some of it to one of my small panels.  As these colors build up I start making more thoughtful decisions about which panels need which colors.  It is not long before an idea of final touches emerges.  Many of the mini paintings become color models for larger works.  However I do not think of them as merely studies.  I enjoy them as small works for themselves.